- “The Conventions of World Turkish Businessmen”
            Six times in recent years
            From the year 2000 together with the sister Foundation DÜTİV*
            Regularly in every scond year between 1996-2006
            10.000 participants from 65 countries
            Numerous conferences, fairs, bileteral business talks etc.

- Foreign Trade Education Programms 
            (Formal and conventional System)
            Since 1999
            First educational institution in “Foreign Trade” in Turkey
            Mainly in Ankara and İstanbul
            Also in the other cities of Turkey like İzmir, Konya, Gebze, Diyarbakır…
            More than 13.000 participants in 19 years
            Supply of more than 13.000 well equipped foreign trade experts
            for several sectors

- Foreign Trade Education Programms 
            (Distance Education)
            Since 2006
            First foreign trade distance education in Turkey
            More than 3.000 participants in 12 years
            Also participants from the countries out of Turkey

- Foreign Trade Education Programms 
           (Special Education Programms for public and private sector institutions and
           The major institutions and companies of Turkey in the portfolio
           Some of these companies:
           The Ministry of Energy; The Ministry of Customs and Trade; state-owned
           companies (ssuch as ETİMADEN and MKE); private companies such as M.A.N.; Türk Traktör;            ASELSAN; Eren       Holding; FNSS; Expediteurs; Hayat Holding; BM Holding; BOTAŞ; Hidromek;            Dorçe and many others.

- Publications
           Periodical (“Made in Turkey”)
           Now On-Line www.madeinturkeydergisi.com
           Foreign Trade Legislation (Since 2005. Eighth Edition in 2017. 1.100 pages)
           Books (Several works on foreign trade issues)

- Conferences, seminars, instructions etc. at the universities throughout the conuntry.

* DÜTİV (The Foundation of World Turkish Businessmen) has the same administrative structure and the same executive board as TDV.