Başkanın Mesajı


Non-governmental organizations in the developed states, nowadays, take a prominent place as the organizations making studies to ensure developing, improving of the societies, and also ensure healthily executing of democracy in these countries.

Developments gained in recent years in this area are promising although non-governmental organizations in Turkey did not able to reach a level like such organizations webbing on the every segment of society making leadership to them in the developed countries.

Individuals mostly select non-governmental organizations for realizing their ideals, dissemination of their knowledge and transferring them to next generations. Believing these impressions and thoughts, with my friends those I achieved them to believe my targets, we established Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation.

Why foreign trade? Because we, all together as bureaucrats and businessmen, were the individuals who work, produce services, suffer the problems, and share the excitements in this area. We desired to share our knowledge and experiments in this sector in which we present and we recognize very well, then transfer them to next generations.

Another reason is that; domestic and foreign trade conceptions are in one-with-the-other form in the world now, so the international competition forces our entrepreneurs in the national bounders too.

All our companies, especially the “Small and Medium Sized Enterprises” referred as “KOBİ” in brief, need for knowledge of foreign trade area. Additionally, the need for young and educated stuff to work in this sector became apparent over time.

It has been seen that the collateral training programs, which will complete the education to be given by our universities and academies, would fill an important gap and also would provide the young graduates with various applications, knowledge and experiments.

We believe and feel the right pride of beneficial services we present as a non-governmental organization in our country which paves the way for being an important foreign trade country with its extraverted development model since 1983.

In addition to our services, we realized in the way of publications, investigations, meetings, and conferences in a period of 12 years since its establishment; we tried to make ready our youngsters for the future of Turkey by the help of thousands of training programs we arranged in lots of cities alone or together with Chambers of Commerce and Industry and also in the company of other precious non-governmental organizations. Observing the successes in the job life of these young people was the biggest award for us.

Our Foundation realized important duties in 12 years since its establishment will continue to be subservient to the society in future, and work for this purpose.