Başkanın Mesajı


Our Foundation, alongside its other activities, started to perform some training activities in foreign trade area. All information and rudiments regarding foreign trade are given as practical in these programs which were arranged under name of “Foreign Trade Expertise Training Program”. In addition to this, some specialization programs are also applied such as “by topics” (for example, application of inward processing regime and its benefits, Harmonization Process to European Union), and “by sectors” (for example, Furniture Sector and export possibilities), or “by buyer markets” (for example, Russian market, trading possibilities and opportunities in Russia). Our training programs, with the exception of these, can be formed in line with requirements and desires of institutions. 

“Our Foreign Trade Expertise Training Programs”, were started in Ankara as a pilot project and then arranged in Bursa, Istanbul, Diyarbakır, Konya, İzmir, and in Gebze. Our training programs, as of today, are being applied in the center building in Ankara, in the training center in Istanbul, in the Chamber of Industry of Aegean Region in İzmir, and in the Cambers of Commerce in Konya and Gebze. The same training was given in Diyarbakır in 2005 with the cooperation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the scope of a European Union Project. More than 2000 pupils educated in our Foundation by this time. This program covers 65 hours and it was presented as an annex. This program is reviewed in every training process within the framework of new tendencies and development in foreign trade. A CD about the training and a book of foreign trade regulations are given in a bag to every attendant pupil. 

Our training programs; 

By topics

By sectors

By buyer markets

“In line with requirements and desires of institutions” 

are arranged between 10-20 hours of durations according to weigh and specifications of the topics. In case of more detailed demands by institutions from public sector and private sector this demand is also taken into consideration. The trainings have been given within this framework for the applicant pupils of TETAŞ, ETİ MADEN İŞLETMELERİ, TÜİK. There have been participations to “Our Foreign Trade Expertise Training Programs” also as in groups from public sector. 

Trainings are given by our instructors who are specialist in their areas that their resumes attached. Additional instructor support can be ensured from private sector, public sector institutions or universities if needed by topics. 

Our country, as is known, adopted the export based development strategy in 1980, and today foreign trade has become the focus point of the development. The “Turkish Foreign Trade Fact”, which went beyond 200 billion dollar owing to all long breathed struggles of thousands Turkish companies, is still expands by the new technics. This fact increases the “trained person” requirement. One of the most important evidences is that thousands of our youngsters show close interest to training programs realized in various cities.